IMPCB certification exam

Due to the contingency of COVID-19, the certification exams were canceled. More information will be provided by mail to approved candidates.

Re-certification credits from medical organizations

The enthusiasm of colleagues from the different branches of Medicine has been a driving force behind Medical Physics. The Organizing and Scientific Committees are fully convinced that the participation of fellow medical doctors is quintessential to foster multidisciplinary discussions that contribute to the progress of Medical Physics in Mexico. Thus, in recognition of this valuable contribution, we will be offering re-certification points from the following medical organizations:

Consejo Mexicano de Radiología e Imagen, A. C.  - 5 puntos

Consejo Mexicano de Médicos Nucleares, A. C. - 18 puntos

Consejo Mexicano de Certificación en Radioterapia, A. C. - 25 puntos