International Medical Physics Certification Board

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To contribute to the advancement of the professional branch of Medical Physics in Latin America, the Organizing and Scientific Committees are pleased to announce the application of the certification exams of the International Medical Physics Certification Board (IMPCB)

PART 1 examinations

General Medical Physics

SATURDAY MARCH 28, 2020 // 15:00 - 18:00

PART 2 examinations:

Specialty: Radiation Oncology Physics

Specialty: Diagnostic Imaging and Interventional Radiological Physics  

SUNDAY MARCH 29, 2020 // 10:00 - 13:00

Why should I get certified?

Because, as a medical physicist, you should strive to always offer the patient the best service possible. A certification serves as evidence that an individual has the required education, training, knowledge, skills and experience to provide this service. For this reason, medical physicists working in clinics and hospital in developed countries are required to get certified by an official board.


Currently, many Latin American countries lack certification processes. The IMPCB   certification is a step towards establishing certification boards in the region.

What is IMPCB?

The International Medical Physics Certification Board (IMPCB) was formed in 2010 to define minimum professional standards and improve the practice of medical physics worldwide.


To this end, IMPCB has created a certification model based on the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) guidelines and endorsed by the International Organization of Medical Physics (IOMP) and more than 20 regional organizations around the world. Through this certification, IMPCB aims at helping establish national or regional certification boards formed by qualified and certified clinical medical physicists.

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How do I get certified by IMPCB?

The certification examination consists of three parts:

  • Part I - General Medical Physics (Written exam)

  • Part II - Medical Physics Specialty (Written exam)

  • Part III - Medical Physics Specialty (Oral exam)

Candidates must pass both Part I and Part II before taking Part III. We hope that during the 2020 Symposium, more colleagues join those who have passed Parts I and II so that Part III can be organized in the near future. 


The following minimum requirements are required of candidates who wish to take Parts I and II:

Part I

  • Education – graduation from an accredited college or university with an advanced degree (Masters or Doctorate) in physics, medical physics or an equivalent degree in an appropriate physical or engineering science discipline.

  • Professional Training – none required

Part II

  • Education – requirements as specified above for Part I

  • Professional Training – 2 (two) years full-time equivalent training preceding the date of application for examination. The training should be carried out under the supervision of a Certified Medical Physicist (CMP) specializing in the same sub-field or under the supervision of a qualified individual with a level of professional experience and expertise equivalent to that of a CMP.

For information about application fees, how to prepare for the exams, and other  related information, please visit

Contacto en México:


Dr. Iván Rosado (



Re-certification credits from medical organizations

The enthusiasm of colleagues from the different branches of Medicine has been a driving force behind Medical Physics. The Organizing and Scientific Committees are fully convinced that the participation of fellow medical doctors is quintessential to foster multidisciplinary discussions that contribute to the progress of Medical Physics in Mexico. Thus, in recognition of this valuable contribution, we will be offering re-certification points from the following medical organizations:

Consejo Mexicano de Radiología e Imagen, A. C.  - 5 puntos

Consejo Mexicano de Médicos Nucleares, A. C. - 18 puntos

Consejo Mexicano de Certificación en Radioterapia, A. C. - 25 puntos