General guidelines for presentations


Language guidelines for the Symposium

To facilitate international participation and discussion, the official language of the Symposium is English. This has made possible publishing the proceedings of the Symposium in the American Institute of Physics  Conference Proceedings.

The alternative language of the Symposium is Spanish, which will be used in the following scenarios, according to the guidelines of the Medical Physics Division:

  • Oral sessions: All presentation slides must be in English. However, the presenter may choose to speak in Spanish if he or she considers this facilitates presenting the content of the slides. During the time for questions following each talk, questions and answers can be posed in Spanish, in which case the moderator will help translating for the audience.​

  • Posters: The content of the posters must be in English. However, the discussion between the presenter and the audience can occur in Spanish, depending on the best way for the author ​to share the content of the poster.​

Oral Presentations

This category entails oral presentations followed by a question/discussion period.  Presentations must be sent in PDF format to before the scheduled presentation time. Further details will be provided in the abstract acceptance notification. Slides should be prepared in widescreen format (16:9) and in English (the official language of the symposium)

Plenary talk: 45 minutes talk + 15 minutes for questions

Invited talk: 25 minutes talk + 5 minutes for questions

Oral session: 12 minutes talk + 3 minutes for questions


Poster Presentations

Posters should be limited to 90 cm (36 inches) width and 120 cm (48 inches) long and should be prepared in English. It is suggested to use large, simple, san serif fonts (e.g., Arial, Verdana, Helvetica) that can be easily read by most individuals at a minimum distance of 1 meter.

Your poster number (example: P054) indicates the location of your poster, and it will be provided in the abstract acceptance notification. Please note that posters are to remain up for the duration of the Symposium. Poster installation may begin at 11:00 on Wednesday, April 1 and must be completed by 16:00 the same day. Poster removal may begin on Friday, April 3 and must be completed by the end of the Symposium.  Authors are required to stand by their poster during all poster sessions indicated in the scientific program.


Conference Proceedings

As in previous Symposia, the works presented in the XVI Mexican Symposium on Medical Physics will be published in the American Institute of Physics (AIP) Conference Proceedings after a peer-review process. The deadline for the manuscript submission is February 26, 2020.

You can find all the information for preparing your paper and permissions here:


The maximum page numbers that will be accepted are:

Plenary Talk: 10 pages

Invited Talk: 8 pages

Oral session: 6 pages

Poster presentation: 4 pages


To prepare your manuscript, first download the template package, which also includes the copyright form from the AIP web page: 


Please, consider the ethical standards described at: Papers that do not comply with these standards will be rejected without an option to resubmit.


Before submission, please review the formatting of your manuscript to ensure that it complies with AIP Proceedings’ requirements and guidelines. In particular, please check the following:

  • Do not include any page numbers on the article PDFs

  • Do not include headers/footers on the article PDFs.

  • Graphics should be clear, legible and free from corruption or distortion.

  • Please ensure that text within graphics/images is clear and legible.

  • Margins must be compatible with the AIP Publishing’s 8.5 x 11 inch single-column template

  • Submit along with your papers the necessary permissions documentation for any figures or tables borrowed from other sources.


The template zip file provided by the AIP also contains a License to Publish Agreement and permissions to re-use copyrighted material (if applies). Please be sure to follow all the AIP guidelines and send these documents to


The names of the documents must be:


For example: 106_Rosado_XVIMSMP.pdf

For the License to publish agreement: ABSTRACT-ID_LPA_FIRST-AUTHOR-LAST-NAME_ XVIMSMP

For example: 106_LPA_Rosado_XVIMSMP.pdf

For the permission to re-use copyrighted material: ABSTRACT-ID_PCM_FIRST-AUTHOR-LAST-For example: 106_PCM_Rosado_XVIMSMP.pdf


IMPORTANT NOTE FOR BEST STUDENT PAPER COMPETITION: Authors participating in the Best Student Paper Competition must submit their proceedings paper following these guidelines and at the same time that the abstract is submitted. Since no number will be assigned at the moment of submission, file names do not need to include abstract number.