Pre-Symposium School


March 30-31, 2020

Facultad de Ingenieria

Universidad Autonoma de Yucatan



April 1-3, 2020

Hospital Regional de Alta Especialidad de la Península de Yucatan

IMPCB Certification Exams (I and II)


March 28 and 29, 2020

Facultad de Ingenieria

Universidad Autonoma de Yucatan


The Medical Physics Division of the Mexican Physics Society and the School of Engineering of Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán are pleased to announce the Sixteen Mexican Symposium on Medical Physics to be held in Mérida, Yucatán, México on April 1-3, 2020 and invite you to be part of the biggest Medical Physics event across the country.

In its XVI iteration, the Symposium´s goal is to provide a space of collegiate discussion on the scientific and technological advances, perspectives, and challenges of Medical Physics in dawn of the era of precision medicine. The theme of the symposium is:

Physics in precision medicine: advances in diagnostic and therapy

Following the tradition of previous symposium, the Organizing and Scientific Committees are aiming at providing continuing education on basic topics such as quality control and dosimetry through a Pre-Symposium school, to occur before the Symposium, on March 30th and 31st. At the same time, we seek to offer attendants a deep view about the state of the art of our field. To this end, we are inviting internationally renowned scientists and clinical medical physicists to share with us their research and expertise.

And, of course, no better place to meet than Merida, the capital of the state of Yucatan. It is a place where present fuses with past and future, a city grounded in peace and hospitality and adorned by beautiful architecture. Mérida is an embracing city full of history and natural beauty. Yucatán, with the crystal-clear water of its cenotes (underground rivers) and majestic Mayan cities such as Chichen-Itzá and Uxmal, is a cultural melting pot that has given birth to artists, scientists, and one of the best cuisines in the world.

Orlando Soberanis-Dominguez, M.Sc. and Ivan M. Rosado-Méndez, Ph.D.

Chairs of Organizing and Scientific Committees 

XVI Mexican Symposium on Medical Physics

Plenary Speakers

Timothy Hall, PhD

Co-chair of the RSNA Quantitative Imaging Biomarker Alliance

Guillermina Ferro, PhD

Leader in the field of molecular imaging based on nuclear medicine

​T. Rockwell Mackie, PhD

Inventor of Tomotherapy and pioneer of treatment planning software

Daniel Razansky, PhD

Leader in the field of

photoacoustic imaging

Department of Medical Physics, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Dirección de Investigación Tecnológica, Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Nucleares

Department of Medical Physics, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Institute for Biomedical Engineering ETH Zurich

Invited Speakers

Eenas Omari, PhD - MRI guided radiation therapy (TBC)

Loyola University Medical Center, USA

Paulina Galavis, PhD - Radiomics

New York University Langone Health, USA

Eric Ehler, PhD - 3D printing in radiation therapy

Medical School - University of Minnesota, USA

Guerda Massillon, PhD - Quantum aspects of solid state dosimetry

Instituto de Física, UNAM, Mexico

Ana Leonor Rivera López, PhD - Biomarkers from physiological signals

Instituto de Ciencias Nucleares, Mexico


Pre-Symposium School

The goals of the pre-symposium school are the following:


  • Offer continuing education to medical physicists working in the clinic, companies related to Medical Physics,  and  academic institutions.

  • Enrich the training of graduate students currently enrolled in graduate programs in Medical Physics or related areas, working on projects in Medical Physics.

  • Foster the interest of undergraduate students in Physics and related areas to pursue a career in Medical Physics.


To ensure an optimum learning experience, there are only 25 spots available for the pre-symposium school.  Applicants must have one of the following profiles:


  • Medical Physicists currently working in the clinic, a company related to Medical Physics, or an academic institution.

  • Graduate students currently enrolled in a Medical Physics graduate program, working on projects in any of the areas of Medical Physics. Those who graduated within the previous 6 months and who are not working are also considered within this category.

  • Undergraduate students in Physics or related areas, preferentially those within the last year of their program and those who took courses on radiation physics and optics or acoustics. 

National and International experts will impart the lectures on the following topics:

Pre-Symposium School 1: Radiation therapy and dosimetry

Objective; To study and discuss the value of innovation in Radiation Therapy to achieve clinical translation of new technologies. Other interesting topics will be beam quality assessment with thermoluminiscent dosimetry, Monte Carlo methods in Radiation Therapy and quantum aspects of solid-state dosimetry

Pre-Symposium School 2: Non-invasive biomarkers based on medical imagaging and physiological measurements

Objective: To review and discuss the physical concepts of quantitative diagnostic imaging, as well as the implementation of recent quality control protocols of different diagnostic imaging modalities. Also, to cover the basic principles and current applications of non-invasive biomarkers based on physiological measurements.


Invited Professors:

Dr. Thomas R. Mackie, Dr. Maria-Ester Brandan,

Dr. Héctor Garnica Garza, Dr. José Ramos Méndez,

Dr. Timothy J. Hall, Jorge Castillo López, 

Dr. Ana Leonor Rivera López

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