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Getting to Venue: Holiday Inn Mérida Hotel

Av. Colon 498 Entre Paseo Montejo Y Calle 60, 97000 Mérida, Yuc.


Getting School of Engineering (FIUADY)

Av. Industrias no Contaminantes por Periférico Norte Apdo. Postal 150 Cordemex, Mérida, Yucatán, México


Special airline fare


Discount code: IT0MXRC00579N1 (Note: there are no letters "O", these are zeros)


Event number: 4534597

Discount code: MEXICAN20 (Note: these is a zero)



  • Interjet provides through Congresses, Events and Conventions 10% discount ON THE AIR PORTION OF THE TICKET to attendees.

  • The discount applies to the base rate of the Optimal and Priority families that is available at the time of purchase.

  • The only form of payment is charged to Credit Card.

  • Attendees can travel with a flexibility in the trip 3 days before the event start date DURING THE DATES OF THE EVENT and 3 days later to the end date of the event.

  • They will be able to travel with their discount of all the cities that have as destination the city SEDE of the event.

  • Attendees can choose the time, date and airport of departure that suits them.

  • The discount does NOT apply to other promotions.

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Passport and VISA for Mexico


Nationals from Countries listed in this link:

requires a Visa to enter Mexico, except if they hold one of the following documents:



  • Permanent resident in Canada, USA, Japan, United Kingdom or any of the EU Schengen countries

  • USA Tourist visa

  • APEC Business Traveler Card (ABTC) approved by Mexico.


If a visa is required, we strongly encourage you to start your application in your home country at least 90 days before the intended date of travel. Visas cannot be obtained within Mexico, because it is an entry document. The corresponding procedures must be done at a Mexican Consulate or Embassy abroad and it may require the receipt of the registration form and payment. For further advice contact your travel agency or the Mexican Consulate or Embassy in your country.


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